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GetKare is for discerning individuals who won’t settle for the status quo when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

When you’re facing a health challenge, GetKare is here for you. We’ll take you by the hand, and explain what it all means – in language you can understand.

GetKare helps you find better answers.

We help you uncover the kind of results that most people don’t even know exist. We raise the bar beyond the expectations set by doctor’s offices, or the self-help shelves of Barnes and Noble.

GetKare strives to have you feeling so good that others will take notice…. And will want what you’ve got.

We’re an innovative way of looking at old health problems, and we’re here to support you.


It’s like having a Super Nurse in the family, and a Transformational Coach on speed dial.  Tired of feeling run-down, exhausted, and unwell? Do you have nagging questions about your physical or emotional wellbeing, or any other aspect of your life, that you want to explore?  I’d love to hold your hand and let your life tell your story.

This offering includes cutting-edge integrative testing to see how your body is handling nutrition and stress.

I’ll guide you to see exactly what’s going on “under the hood” and give us hints about the root cause of what’s making you feel crappy.

We’ll also develop an individualized, step-by-step action plan so you know exactly what to do to feel better.


Tailored service to support your ongoing health and wellbeing. Whether it’s your physical health, emotional wellbeing, or a combination of both, we’ve got you covered.

GetKare’s Personalized Wellbeing Support packages are like having your very own medical expert and transformational coach on-call.

It includes 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or a full-year of individual coaching and support.

Impromptu check-ins, priority access, and action plan accountability are built into the offering.


A customized program designed to help your staff remain healthy, engaged and productive. Improve group health, engagement, business culture, and bottom line.


Contact us for more info.

Fully tailored to your company and it’s needs.

We’ll use our proprietary evaluation process so that your team feels heard, and the specific needs and goals of both your staff and your business are understood. 

Contact us to talk about how we can improve your business and staff wellbeing.


Karen DiMarco, RN, BSN, iRNPA | Professional Health & Contentment Finder

Nurse, mom, medical science-geek, business woman, refined butt-kicker, wellbeing-hacker, exploiter of unconventional ways of being deliriously happy, and founder of GetKare, LLC.

I’m on a mission to help the lost, the discouraged, the sickly, the stuck, and the this-can’t-be-as-good-as-it-gets of the world… find out that as-good-as-it-gets is their ‘factory default setting.’

I work with clients all over the world thanks to the magic of the interwebs. I also work with clients locally, near my home in Los Angeles, California. (But only if they bring me a Kale smoothie.)

GetKare offers individual coaching and support services, one-to-one and group intensives, and courses on how to be healthier and happier. Instant gratification included.


  • 20+ years’ experience in nursing – mostly intensive care and trauma – which means wicked clinical nursing and critical thinking skillz (yes, that’s a ‘z’).
  • I’ve held hands, and held patients and their family members through unimaginable trauma. I’ve been blessed to witness and participate in many miracles of healing.
  • I teach internationally, and am awesome at making scary and complex health information feel easy to understand, fun, and often times – hilarious.
  • I’m a twice-certified Patient Advocate, and I teach other nurses how to become RNPAs (Registered Nurse Patient Advocates).
  • I know the stuff they don’t teach in medical school… but should.
  • Expertise in functional and integrative medicine. Like a Root Cause Sherlock Holmes – I know how to find out what’s wrong with you when no one else can.
  • I was my first client who was having a health crisis, and now she’s flyin’ it.
  • Collector of sea glass and coaching certifications: I’m a Transformative Coach, Wellness Coach, Health Coach, and trained in The Work of Byron Katie.
  • Knows the words to every Billy Joel song… by heart… and I will prove it if you ask.
  • Former gymnast – the neighborhood kids are still impressed by my trampoline skills.
  • I’m the youngest of 4 boys. As a tomboy, we joke that I was the only one who grew boobs.
  • Never boring.
  • Mom to 3 daughters, two bearded dragons, a tortoise, and a small dog named “Mr. Big.”
  • Moved 17 times in 16 years – so I know a thing or two about new adventures, and know with certainty that “home” isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.
  • I’m the girl with a dragon tattoo… And by that, I mean I have a tattoo of a dragon, but otherwise am really quite friendly.
  • I have a blog about being real and living life with zero f*cks, called The Naked Lady.
  • Was calm as a casaba melon whilst being held at gun-point in Mexico while MediEvac-ing a drug lord out in a Learjet. Typical day at the office.
  • Hearing “because of you, I didn’t give up” from my clients gets me out of bed in the morning.

Everyone else is the same old ‘blah blah blah,’ Karen is the shit! She is a breath of fresh wisdom and knowledge in the wellness field.

Deeply rooted in clinical medicine and behavioral science, Karen is fully equipped with the tools to help you heal your life today.

I go to Karen for my clients and companies that aren’t getting results from conventional care. Above all Karen searches tirelessly for root causes of illnesses rather than treating the symptoms.

I’d advise you to contact Karen today if your life and lifestyle is in need of a dynamic tune-up.

Ed Harrold

Author of "Life With Breath," Performance & Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker

Karen DiMarco is one of the most astute and creative RN Patient Advocates I have ever had the pleasure of teaching and collaborating with.

Karen is grounded in conventional western medicine, Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine, which is developed specifically for reversing chronic illness. If physical illness – whether acute or chronic – is affecting you, Karen is very well prepared to advocate on your behalf, to educate you on what is happening and to guide you safely through the healthcare system.

If inner resilience would be helpful in your healing, Karen’s transformational coaching will provide you with the tools to create that in yourself.  If you are working with Karen DiMarco, you can be assured of the best and most complete care.

Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA

Founder, RN Patient Advocates, PLC Creator of the RN Patient Advocates, University of Arizona College of Nursing Learning Intensives

My experience of working with Karen is a totally unique one and I have never met anyone quite like her.  She has a way of listening, engaging and seeing more than just the words that are being spoken.

Karen has a beautiful and funny manner, and its impossible not to be captivated when she is sharing her vast knowledge and truth – being able to explain things from a medical perspective and also from the truth behind everything – makes talking with Karen an amazing, unique and fun experience, and it always seems to sink in at a much deeper level over time.

I will always be eternally grateful to Karen for the knowledge she has shared, and the way she has shared it with me. She has most definitely been a massive part of changing my life and helping me to recover from over 23 years of ill health and very busy thinking. Thank you Karen you make me smile on the inside and out 🙂

Alison F

I cannot say enough about having Karen DiMarco in my corner on my own personal journey towards health and well-being. She is an expert RN Patient Advocate and truly transformative well-being coach.

She deeply listens, and then guides you in finding your own answers. This was so empowering – the idea that I knew what was best for me! She has a huge breadth of knowledge of complex information, which she makes simple to understand.

It’s not enough to say she ‘thinks outside the box,’ with Karen, there is no box. I love that she is not constrained by ‘what the research says,’ or how ‘it’s’ been thought of or done before… she questions everything, and finds innovative solutions.

Her calm demeanor, her depth of knowledge, and her use of metaphors, stories, and humor make sense of the journey and you feel like you are on the road together, figuring it all out.

Antra Boyd, RN, iRNPA

Co-Founder, Connected Care Patient Advocates

It is very rare that you meet an individual with the knowledge and experience to help you enhance your physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing from the inside out.

Karen DiMarco serves as an advocate, coach and teacher driven by immeasurable passion and dedication. She heightened my awareness and calmed my mind, and as a result, she transformed my life.

Amanda M