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Take The WEIGHT of your body, OFF YOUR MIND.

An Online, 8 -Week Group Program Exploring Your Body, Weight and Mind

with Karen DiMarco


You’ve struggled your whole life with weight issues, eating disorders, yoyo dieting, or bingeing?

You feel lost in the sea of contradictory information about diets, nutrition, what to eat and when to be healthy?

You feel like you’ve been ‘waiting for life to begin’ – putting stuff off until you lose the weight?

You can be horrible to yourself with a harsh, critical internal dialogue?

You’ve tried everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!!) to lose the weight?

You’re exhausted from constantly thinking about how much you eat, the rules of your latest diet, and tracking your exercise?



…and take the weight of your body off your mind.

Together, we’ll explore the resistance you have to your weight, and ask if this might sit at the heart of your struggle.

In this intimate, online group program we’ll….

  • Explain the biology behind the mind-body-weight connection.
  • Open you up to a fresh understanding of your mind.
  • See the futility of using willpower & the power of thought to control your body.
  • Begin to see why it’s not really about weight at all.

Karen’s Weightless course is on a whole different level than any kind of normal course about how to lose weight. I thought I had a rough idea of what would happen on the course because I have worked with Karen before and I love what she does and the impact she has.

It’s not just that Karen knows so much about how the human body really works. It’s that she sees clearly how human experience works and that’s way more powerful. At the outset, what I thought I needed was help to clear out my thinking so that I’d stop having outbursts of ‘emotional eating’ where I’d stuff myself with foods I’d decided I wasn’t allowed to have.  If I could stop the ‘monster munch’ episodes, I’d be able to eat super healthy in a consistent way and I’d start to lose weight – so I figured.

What actually happened was way better than that.  I got something I hadn’t imagined could happen for me: freedom, trust in myself, and a feeling of spaciousness around the whole issue of weight and food.  I have relaxed. Losing weight looks simple. Better still, I no longer hate my body or feel I have to be thin and eat only raw vegan food to be okay.  I still want to weigh less but the desperation has gone out of it, for two reasons: Firstly, I experience a sense of well-being about my body and what I eat right now, even before I have lost all the weight.  Secondly, I will always know what to do if I want to lose weight, in a way that suits me and that I can easily do.

My whole struggle with food is just melting away.  It no longer looks to me like I have to eat a super-strict healthy diet in order to feel okay…There’s much less thinking about food altogether.  Bottom line, I notice I am neither forcing strict eating from the ‘good’ list of foods (usually with a sense of miserable deprivation) or stuffing with foods from the ‘bad’ list. There are no good or bad lists any more. I can eat more intuitively, according to what I really want in the moment, and in doing so I am learning to trust my body’s intelligence and to trust myself around food.  In other words, I eat more the way a normal slim human eats, and it feels easy and right.

What my Weightless course companions shared as we went along was hugely helpful to me. It settled me down just to see that so many of them had some of the same thinking going on, the same bitch in their heads!  Karen is so real, funny, knowledgeable and wise that the time we all spent together was a pleasure. Somehow, during that time, some kind of magic happens where the stuff that looked like problems and stuckness about weight started to lighten up, shift and transform and you come out the other end seeing that you’re really and truly okay.  It’s like being released from fat prison! Thank you Karen for showing me that before all the thinking, I truly am weightless. Heather, UK

If you’ve had any heavy thinking or over thinking about your relationship with food or the size of your body, jump into this course… even if you don’t, jump into this course. The understanding Karen points to in Weightless is very different and that’s why it works! But I’d suggest going into it without any  pre-concieved notions of what it is like or what you’ll be uncovering. A quiet mind, feeling of ease and a return to our own wellness and intuition are there for all of us and Karen has an amazing gift to help up see this. Plus she’s a hoot and you’ll also connect with a community of kind and open people from all over the world! I’m grateful to Karen for the course and highly recommend that you jump in too! Miranda, USA

I laughed, I cried, I got quiet. I saw that when my mind became quiet my behaviour organically changed where food and weight did not dominate my world! Thanks Karen x Natasha, UK

Weightless gave me a deeper compassion for my body. I learned to trust the wisdom of my body and to see that my body is always on my side. I used to really struggle with bloating or feeling heavy, I made it wrong but through this programme I noticed how my experience changed, I stopped beating up on the bloat and finally respected that my body was doing its job! This alone has made for a more peaceful experience and quieter mind around food. Karen’s deep knowledge & insights on the subject are a gift, she helped me lift the seriousness & become weightless around a once very “heavy” subject for me. Grace, Italy

The “Weightless Course” was true to it’s word. Since I can remember, I have had my weight on my mind. I was always trying the best or next diet, exercise regime, or anything else that might get me to HAPPY. What I saw in this course was that HAPPY exists only in the present moment and has nothing to do with my weight… I am now in a place where I don’t think about my weight near as much as I used to and that has left me feeling pretty Weightless- it’s like I lost 30 mental pounds AND that spells RELIEF! Antra, USA

BSN, MSN, CNOR, iRNPA Owner/Advocate, Connected Care Patient Advocates, LLC


8 Weeks of Weightless Explorations

Weekly teaching video, 1 weekly live group calls every Thursday at 12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK (and all points in-between).

Plus, access to a private Facebook group for additional support and inspiration.

Begins Thursday October 1, 2020.


EARLY BIRD discount until Tuesday Sept 15th.

Use Coupon Code:

WEIGHTLESS20  for the course alone

WEIGHTLESS20+  for the course plus one-to-one coaching (limited to 10 people)




*1:1 Coaching Option Limited to 10 Participants


A Sample of Weightless Explorations (not in order):

The ‘Game’ is Rigged – Happiness is Never at the End of a Fight

The History, Evolution & Biology of Approval

“A Trip to Weightless Island” – A Guided Experience to What if Feels Like to Be Truly Weightless

The Definition of Insanity – How Our Bodies Work, and Why Diets Don’t

Man as Part of Nature, not Apart FROM Nature

Myths and ‘Curves’ – A Brief History of Homo Sapiens

Where Are You Going? – How to Tell the Difference Between The Voice of Your True Nature, and the Asshole in Your Head

You Are What You Eat, And You Eat What You Are

Make Your Bed, Hug Your Children (or anyone), Pet a Fish

Meaning and Tragedy – What We Learned From the 20th Century, and The Gulog in Our Heads

Poop, Tampons, Back Fat, and Going to the Movies

Who You Truly Are, and How Discovering that Is the Answer to Taking the Weight of Your Body off Your Mind

A Little Peace of Mind Podcast

by Nicola Bird | Weightless Program